For your C-Ringer, Hog Ringer and Clipper solution !

Product Guide

M-500 C-Ringer

The C-Ringer can be applied to various applications ranging from construction sites to gabion nets.

The C-Ring has a diameter of about 3 mm, which can be used to fasten the wires with an inner diameter of up to about 12 mm. This is best suited for use at bank protection work using gabion nets.

Applications: Gabions, fences, backstops, construction materials, bank protection work, rope meshes, fixing of concrete rebars (parallel), etc.

Model Apperance Dimensions (L×H×W)(㎜) Weight (㎏) Loading Capacity (shots) Inner Diameter after Fastening (mm)
M-500 m500_1m500_2m500_3m500_4m500_5m500_6 500 x 320 x 235 6.6 130 12