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Car Seats
Various C-Ringers can be used depending on applications. In particular, when you perform operations with the C-Ringer body suspended from overhead, the side inlet type is suitable
Standard type(M-6)、small-diameter-sized type(M-6C/M-6CA)、standard lightweight type(M-6W)、small-diam-sized lightweight type(M-6CW/M-6CAW)、long nose type(M-6LW/M-6L)、angle nose type MCS-6A3)、small C-Ringer (M-60)、large-diam-sized type(MC-7/MC-8)、D-Ringer(MHR60-22N)、extra large-diam-sized C-Ringer(M-500)、automatic C-Ringer (MA-6/MRC-6/MRC-6C/MRC-660)、and side inlet type(M-6X/M-6LX)
Attaching to Automated Machines The automatic feed type C-Ringer is suitable for continuous operations.
Automatic C-Ringer (MA-6/MRC-6/MRC-6C/MRC-660)
Gabion Nets
Bank Protection Work
Construction Sites
Molded objects including fake plastic rocks
For the outdoor work, the large-diam-sized C-Ringers (MC-7/MC-8/extra large-diam-sized C-RingerM-500)are available, thereby allowing various types of C-Ringers according to applications. The long nose type (M-6LW/M-6L)for use in places where it is deep and hard to access; the angle nose type (MCS-6A3)that fits the work with the tool facing downward are convenient. In addition, in the environment where air is not secured, the manual type (MHC-6C)is suitable.
We also offer the standard type (M-6), small-diam-sized type(M-6C/M-6CA), standard lightweight type(M-6W), small-diam-sized lightweight type(M-6CW/M-6CAW)、smallest-diam-C-Ringer(M-60)、large-diam-sized type(MC-7/MC-8)、extra large-diam-sized C-Ringer(M-500)etc., according to applications.
Nets for cages for poultry farming, protection of birds and damage by animals, etc. The standard type/small-diam-sized type C-Ringers are suitable.
Standard type(M-6), small-sized type (M-6C/M-6CA), standard lightweight type (M-6W), small-diam-sized lightweight type(M-6CW/M-6CAW
Artificial flower
Art work
The lightweight types(M-6W/M-6CW/M-6CAW)are suitable. For more fine work, the smallest-diam-sized C-RingerM-60is suitable.