For your C-Ringer, Hog Ringer and Clipper solution !


Dear Potential Suppliers

Purchasing Department procures wide range of parts, materials and sub-materials for the production of our various products like pneumatic tool, electric tool, and fastener components.
We have been conducting our purchasing activities, in which should be free from current framework, together with valuable suppliers who pursue the best effectiveness of “Cost, Quality
and Delivery”.
Now, we are widely seeking our new suppliers who can give us technically innovative and cost-competitive proposals, not only domestically but also internationally.
We look forward to your excellent technology and products by all means !

Basic Policy

  • Looking for worldwide procurement opportunities
  • Optimum purchase based on a fair and open competition
  • Aiming to the partnership working together for reliable products to global market
  • Conducting our overall assessment on judging from your Quality, Delivery, Cost and Service

Applicable Business Categories

  • Iron wire
  • Steel plate
  • Sheet metal
  • Casting
  • Plastic molding
  • Cutting
  • Rubber molding
  • Coating
  • Surface treatment (plating)
  • Heat treatment
  • Other related engineering or fresh technology
Requirements :
  • Suppliers who are engaged in proactive technical development
  • Suppliers who are capable of prototype manufacture and small lot production


Any potential supplier who wish to apply for business opportunities with our company, please fill in this application form.

Account Opening Procedure

We present our general procedure to start a business transaction with new supplier.
Please understand that the actual business condition may differ in accordance with the types of procurable material etc.