For your C-Ringer, Hog Ringer and Clipper solution !

Product Guide

C-Ringer (Hog Ringer) is used to fasten two wire rods, a spring and a frame border, or a wire rod and a fabric, plastic, etc. by using a C-Ring (Hog Ring) made of a metal wire formed in the “C”-shape
C-Ringer is mainly used for versatile applications, including assembling car seats, mattresses, civil engineering work, cages for poultry farming, fishing nets, various nets/fences, and fastening of artificial flower, and it ensures the tying, coupling, and fastening work.
The clipper is used to deform and fix the U-shaped metal fixture (Clip) in the manner to cover two wires. It is mainly used for fastening spring wires of car seats, beds, sofas, etc.