For your C-Ringer, Hog Ringer and Clipper solution !

Introduction Example

Car seats and interior parts

C-Ringer is used for fastening car seats and interior parts to ensure accurate and good-finished fastening.
Optimal models can be selected depending on work sites or applications, such as the standard types M-6W/M-6, and the long nose types M-6LW/M-6LX for places where it is deep and hard to access.
With the automatic C-Ringer, the effort of loading C-Rings can be saved, resulting in reduced work hours.
In addition, the models can deal with various management functions (detection of defects, counting of shots, etc.) when they are attached to automated machines.

Beds and sofas

C-Ringer is used for fastening pocket coil or various springs and boarder wires, and for fastening and fixing various components including urethane foam.

Erosion Control (Gabion nets/Bank protection work)

Especially, in European countries, where the environment is concerned, bonded stones are now more commonly used than concrete for bank protection.
The reason is that plants grown between stones can attract birds and insects to the waterside. C-Ringer is used when stones are put in a gabion net (wire net) and the net is fastened. The large sized type (M-500) is suitable for this application.

Nets for cages for poultry farming, protection of birds and damage by animals, etc.

C-Ringer can be used for fastening various types of net including those for cages for poultry farming, protection of birds and damage by animals, protection of animal entering, fishing nets, various fences, wire nets, etc.

Artificial flowers/Art work

C-Ringer can be used for a wide range of applications including artificial flowers, baskets, new year decorations, etc.
The types M-6W/M-6CW will reduce burdens during operation, thereby ensuring easy work.
In addition, attaching the C-Ringer to stationary machines enhances safety and workability.