For your C-Ringer, Hog Ringer and Clipper solution !


Greeting from the President

presidentMeihotech Inc. has been concentrating on the research work limited in the field of rapidly and securely achieving the “Tying, Connecting and Fastening” work for more than 40 years since the day of our establishment. Today, we fortunately secured the leading position in the industry and boast the number one share of the domestic market. Our products are mainly used for making car seat and mattress, and are indispensable for manufactures of car and bed.

We manufacture metal products like Clips and C-Rings, and air tools that are used to fasten them within our company. We are also striving for expanding export, aiming to secure the leading position in the global markets as the specialized manufacturer. Currently, we export our products to several tens of country throughout the world.

In addition, we won the Science and Technology Agency Director’s Award in 2000 and are making concerted efforts throughout the company toward another technology development.
We will continue to make efforts for ensuring sustainable growth and to be a company that can contribute to society.
I would like to take this opportunity to solicit your further support and patronage in the future.

代表取締役社長 川村武志