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Environmental Efforts

We offer products that are compliant with the regulations governing the substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chrome, PBB 〈polybrominated biphenyl〉 and PBDE 〈polybrominated diphenyl ether〉) identified in the ELV/RoHS Directives (Regulation of toxic substances enforced by European Union) as well as asbestos, Deca-BDE, HBCD and PFOS. In addition, our products comply with the Reach Regulation, and we changed the plasticizing agents used for PVC resin to the agents that are not listed as SVHC.

This leads to the reduction of toxic substance emissions from C-Rings, when cars and beds with C-Rings are discarded. In addition, our products also conform to the regulations on packing materials enforced in Europe and the United States (some states). Although we do not obtain the External Certification of ISO 14001, we are now working to build the equivalent system.

Further, we registered in the international data base IMDS (International Material Data System) for materials that are used in the automobile industry to comply with the regulation concerning environmental programs.

Furthermore, our products for export are also compliant with the European Safety Directive, which is not the environmental regulation, and our C-Ringers carry the CE Marking to identify compliance.